Mayfly Symbolism

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The iridescent and beautiful colors of mayfly wings and body are very captivating for many people. Many people like them because these small and fragile creatures remind them of their childhood when they went fishing with their parents or friends.


They recall long and beautiful summer days lying in the fresh grass and watching these creatures flying. There are several symbolic meanings of the mayfly such as:

1. Change. As this insect has iridescent wings, very sensitive to the slightest breeze, people are reminded to heed where the wind blows.

2. Dreaming mind or subconscious or thoughts. This is explained by the fact that any creature that lives by the water, carries this symbols. Water is symbolic of the subconscious mind and related to our thoughts.


3. Because of its habitat, it’s also a symbol of meditation.

4. It also means that we must be mindful of the results we want to have, but we have to think very well about it. Additionally, it may mean that we’re responsible for our lives.

These meanings of this insect are found mainly in Native American (Plains region) and in Asian (Japan) circles. Mayflies also mean:

• Strength
• Peace
• Harmony
• Purity
• Good luck
• Prosperity
• Transformation while moving
• Childhood
• Living for the moment
• Joy
• Transparency

Mayflies are also called June bugs, shad flies, salmon flies and emerge from ponds, lakes, as well as streams at twilight in the early spring. They are important for the food web, mainly for trout in cold waters or bass and catfish in warm water streams or Walleye in cool water lakes. Due to the symbol of these small insects, they have been used in commercials, animations and many other products. Generally, they stand for positive things and the fact that lives only a day, it becomes a crucial lesson for us.

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