About the Mayfly

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The mayfly is one of the most fascinating insects in the world. Even though there are approximately 2000 mayfly species around the globe, the most interesting thing about the mayfly is that it has one of the shortest lifespan. Believe it or not, a mayfly only lives for about three hours, after it reaches the adult phase. This is why the mayfly is also known as the one-day fly in many cultures. You may thus wonder how do they mate. Well, the female mayfly lays a large number of eggs, usually on the surface of a river, where they float for about 45 days. This is the first stage of development. Then, there comes the larva stage, also called naiad. In this stage, a mayfly usually feeds on algae.

The most interesting thing is that, as a naiad, the mayfly can live in the water up to three years. When it finally reaches the adult stage, the mayfly only lives long enough to reproduce. The fact that in the adult stage the mayfly does not have a functional mouth may be another reason behind the short lifespan. Moreover, after the female mayfly lays down the eggs, it usually dies right away, on the surface of the water. The mayfly is also endangered by a number of predators, including frogs, newts, toads, small reptiles, birds, and even rodents. Fish are, however, the most common mayfly predators, because the insects can usually be found on waters. Speaking about where can the mayfly be found, even if they are spread in most parts of the world, North America is the most common place.

It is a shame that the mayfly dies soon after it becomes an adult, because after transforming from the larva stage, they are truly nice to watch. With the colorful set of wings that it has, the mayfly looks similar to a dragonfly. The mayfly does not harm humans in any way, so they are not dangerous either. It is thus clear that the mayfly is one of the most impressive creatures in the world.

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