Adult Mayflies

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Mayflies are one of the more interesting insects in the world because they have so many unusual characteristics. The most common known fact about the mayflies is that the adults live for only a very short time and in this time it is up to them to breed as quickly as possible so that they can release the next generation into the world. Once the adult mayflies are born into the world they only priority is to find a mate and breed with them.

The wings of the adult mayflies are transparent and therefore often very fragile. This said they make easy targets for their predators such as spiders that once caught in the spiders web the wings break and then there is no escape. The adults also have more than one tail, often having two or even three. Born for mating only the male adult mayflies have decisively long front legs that are used to grip the females during mating.

Due to the short lifespan of the adult they do not need to feed and therefore they do not actually have any parts of the mouth that work as they are not completely developed. The adults lay the eggs which are released in water or near water and then the larvae break out of the eggs and swim in this water feeding to get ready for the next stage of development which is adulthood. The life of the mayfly is fast an furious however the cycle is not complete without them.

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