Can You Get Rid of Mayflies?

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If you have a lake home where you live or go to relax on the weekends, there may be a handful of annoyances that get in the way of you having the perfect experience. Mayflies can be one of these annoyances. The problem with a lake home is that while it is a wonderful place for you to spend quality time, its location also makes it a popular target for creatures like mayflies. In some cases, there may be few enough mayflies so that it’s not actually an issue. However, if you’re dealing with a large amount of mayflies, you know just how annoying they can be.

There are a few facts you should know to help you better deal with this type of situation. One of these facts is that adult mayflies have a very short life cycle. While the entire mayfly life cycle lasts for around a year, their time as a winged adult can last for as little as a few hours. Once they reach this stage, their only objective is to mate. As a result of this cycle, it can be common for a very large swarm of mayflies to appear all at once.

It’s also worth noting that mayflies are only able to live in areas with high water quality. This means that even though they can be a nuisance, it is nice to know that the lake where you’re spending so much time isn’t troubled by large amounts of pollution.

Because of the way that their life cycle works, your best bet is to wait for a large swarm to die off on their own. However, while trying to eliminate all of them on your own isn’t a realistic option, you can discourage them from being attracted to your lake house by turning off the outdoor lights. If you need to keep the lights on, you can have the same impact by installing yellow outdoor bulbs that are specifically designed to discourage mayflies and other bugs.

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