Incredible Video: Billions of Mayflies in Russia

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Mayflies, also known as shadflies, are aquatic insects whose immature stage – called ‘naiad’ or ‘nymph’ usually lasts a year in fresh water. However, adult mayflies are short-lived, from a few minutes to a few days, depending on the species. This is because the primary function of an adult mayfly is reproduction.


A particularly strange yet amazing phenomenon related to these facts occurs every year in Russia, on a lake in the Primorye province. Once a year, billions of mayflies converge on the lake to mate, spawn and die… all on the same day. First there are thousands, then millions, then billions.

Watch the video below and be amazed with the billion of mayflies flying around at sunset!

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Mayfly Symbolism

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The iridescent and beautiful colors of mayfly wings and body are very captivating for many people. Many people like them because these small and fragile creatures remind them of their childhood when they went fishing with their parents or friends.


They recall long and beautiful summer days lying in the fresh grass and watching these creatures flying. There are several symbolic meanings of the mayfly such as:

1. Change. As this insect has iridescent wings, very sensitive to the slightest breeze, people are reminded to heed where the wind blows.

2. Dreaming mind or subconscious or thoughts. This is explained by the fact that any creature that lives by the water, carries this symbols. Water is symbolic of the subconscious mind and related to our thoughts.


3. Because of its habitat, it’s also a symbol of meditation.

4. It also means that we must be mindful of the results we want to have, but we have to think very well about it. Additionally, it may mean that we’re responsible for our lives.

These meanings of this insect are found mainly in Native American (Plains region) and in Asian (Japan) circles. Mayflies also mean:

• Strength
• Peace
• Harmony
• Purity
• Good luck
• Prosperity
• Transformation while moving
• Childhood
• Living for the moment
• Joy
• Transparency

Mayflies are also called June bugs, shad flies, salmon flies and emerge from ponds, lakes, as well as streams at twilight in the early spring. They are important for the food web, mainly for trout in cold waters or bass and catfish in warm water streams or Walleye in cool water lakes. Due to the symbol of these small insects, they have been used in commercials, animations and many other products. Generally, they stand for positive things and the fact that lives only a day, it becomes a crucial lesson for us.

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Facts About Mayfly Naiads

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The mayfly is one of the insects part of the short-lived orders of the insect world. Their short lifespan is the one through which they are categorized, as it is mostly one that lasts for a day. The longer lifespan is the one of the naiads, of the nymphs of these insects, which have the possibility of surviving in fresh water for about a year, as these are water insects. The adults, however, can live from a few minutes up to a few days, fact which depends on the species of the insect, as there are about 2,500 of these in the world.

The eggs, from which the naiads are born, have a long resistance in fresh waters, which depends on the species of the insect. Usually, these can last from a few months to a whole year, time in which they moult 20 to 30 times. They are laid on the surface of the lakes or streams and they sink to the bottom, where they mature until the moment of the maturation. Some of the naiads live in the more rocky parts of waters, where there is no vegetation, while others are more present in lakes, these also being the ones that are most prolific. Although they are only in the development stage of the insects, the naiads have the possibility to feed themselves. The main elements that are seen as food supplies are algae or diatoms, but some of the species also act as predators and feast on the other elements of the underwater world that they can catch.

The distinctive features of the mayfly naiads are the seven pairs of gills on the dorsum of the abdomen. They also have long cerci or tails, usually three of these, while others only have two of these long back tails. The process that they go through is known through the term of hemimetabolism, which refers to the fact that they go through an incomplete metamorphosis in their growth. The last moult is after the stage in which the naiads get their wings. As you can see the mayfly is a very interesting insect and the development stage of their growth, the phase in which they are naiads, is one of the most complex ones of their entire existence and definitely the longest one that they have to go through in order to mature properly.

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The Lifespan Of A Mayfly

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The Mayfly is one of those simple parts of the animal world that usually go unnoticed. The fact is that this little creature is actually rather interesting and the information presented on it has managed to attract the curiosity of many people, due to the fact that it is one of the parts of the world we live in. It is important to understand that this tinny insect is part of the category of those which have a very short lifespan. They usually manage to last for a day or two, through which fact they got the nickname of the one-day fly in some parts of the world.

There are many types of insects that have a short term lifespan. The fact that they can only last for one day is usually the one that brings many issues for people in a certain way. For example, since all the parts of the reproduction period are at the same time for a species of insects, you can realize the fact that all the larvae will come out at the same time and more importantly, that all the new exemplars will develop into adult hood at the same time. As a result, you can see the amounts of insects that surface in some of the periods of the year and only in some regions. However, when they come up they are very many and they have the tendency to form massive groups, which can create a lot of problems for the human life in the idea that they prevent sight, they may ruin crops and so on. 

In the case of the Mayfly, all the tinny new insects group together in the formation of a sort of dance. This movement is very familiar to the people who live in areas filled with these insects. Regularly, these instances surface during the spring and during the fall, these being the moments in which new groups of insects reach their maturity and start going around for the short amount of time in which they can survive. The Mayfly is one of the interesting types of insects in the animal world. Due to the fact that it has a very short lifespan and to the fact that it has such an interestingly unique aspect, it has been the subject of numerous studies throughout the world for a variety of researchers.

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The Unique Features Of Mayfly And Classification

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The mayfly is a small insect and one of the most interesting species in the world. It belongs to the Order Ephemeroptera, in Greek meaning “Short lived” and “wing”. This insect is aquatic and its immature stage lasts almost a year and takes places in the water. Under rocks near streams, decaying plants or sediments are the best places where it lives. One of the main features that makes it different from other similar insects are the pair of gills  on the dorsum of the abdomen. It also features three long cerci or tails at the end if the body. There is also other thing that makes this insect unique. It’s about the fact that moults one more time, a process which is known as alate stage. Nonetheless, as well as many other insects, its life span is very short, but it also varies depending on species. This small and interesting insect was called one-day or one-day fly due to its short life span. An interesting phenomenon takes place related to this insect. It’s related to fact that many such creatures mature at the same time, so at that time is a wonderful show seeing them fly and dancing in the air. Although there are several species, four of them are extinct- Pentagenia robusta and Ephemera compar.The classification has several suborders such as Schistonota and Pannota.

The wings of this small creature are membranous, look as those of a butterfly and also feature a great venation. Adults feature large compound eyes, large and short antennae, as well as  three ocelli. The males have larger eyes than the females and and front legs are also longer to grasp females during the mating process. Other unique things about this insect refers to the fact that it possess paired genitalia. Briefly, this means that the female has two gonopores and the male two penises.

There are still many things to find out about the mayfly. Some scientists are not so sure that the two species extinct. The threatened  species is called Tasmanophlebi lacus-coerulei, also known as the large blue lake mayfly. The oldest insect from the same family dates from Lower Cretaceous Siberian amber, many fossils being discovered throughout time. This fragile insect managed to resist to many climate changes that took place and at present is one of the most interesting insects in the world.

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