Interesting Things To Know About The Mayfly

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Everyone knows what a mayfly is. Most likely, you have already seen thousands in your everyday life, and they surely are great and interesting to watch. Anyway, here are some very interesting facts about the mayfly, as you are surely going to be amazed by these insects. For starter, you need to know that the mayfly is a harmless insect. The Mayfly is going to be drawn to any type of light and these insects have a specific smell that you are most likely going to notice when being near a mayfly.

The mayfly is a rather interesting insect and it can actually be described as beautiful because of its large wings and great colors. Anyway, you should not worry when finding dead mayflies very often, as that is actually very normal situation if you live in an area in which it is known that many mayflies exist. The mayfly is going to live for only about 24 to 72 hours. Still, the mayfly circle of life is more complex, as this is actually the average period on which an adult mayfly is going to live. You may also find that the lifespan of an adult mayfly can vary from 30 minutes to one day, as different species of mayfly are going to have different lifespan.

Although you may imagine that a mayfly lives for a very short period of time, these insects manage to do it all during only about three days. The mayfly has been out there for a very long period of time. Nowadays, it is well known the fact that there are millions of species of mayfly around the world, having different shapes and colors, with various dimensions. About 2500 species of mayfly are known to exist today. Usually, the mayfly lives in areas in which there are waters of high quality. Many mayfly species can be found in the United States. The most fragile part of a mayfly’s body is the wings. The wings of a mayfly are transparent and really easy to harm. You can actually brake them, with no intention, only by trying to touch them.

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