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Because the mayfly has six distinct legs you will find them classified under the file name of insects. There biological name is ephemeropteran which is broken down into two parts which means short lived winged insect. The mayfly are said to be relatives of the dragonfly which like the mayfly are as aquatic insects living around bodies of water. The short lived part of their species names is definitely one which belongs to this insect. Some of their species have such short lives that they live only for a few hours of the day which is long enough to find a mate, breed and have the female reproduce. Some of the mayflies are known to live longer however this is only for a few days.

There are approximately 2,500 species of mayfly around the world and most of these are like a delicacy for fish who will eat them as often as possible. The mayfly form makes for good fishing lures especially when you are using them for fly fishing. The females lay eggs on the surface of water which is mostly freshwater lakes or slow running streams. The eggs sink to the bottom and a larvae is born which live longer in this form than the adult mayfly does. These larvae live for up to a year long depending on the species of mayfly.

The lifespan of the adult is short lived because they are only meant for reproduction which is a shame for these insects after receiving the ability to fly. The wings are similar to the dragonfly wings which are see-through like a spiders web and very thin to reduce weight for flying. Like insects the mayfly is separated into three segments, the head, the thorax and the abdomen.

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