The Mayfly Is Amazing

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All kind of animals and insects can be described in a way or another as amazing. Their habits, the environment in which they live and various facts about their development, are elements that can be found as quite incredible. Well, the mayfly surely is one of the most amazing species of insects. Here are some facts about the mayfly that sustain that hypothesis and which will surely make you watch more attentively a mayfly, next time your see one. 

An adult mayfly is going to live only for a day. The cycle of life of a mayfly is, however, longer, as it actually lasts for about one year since the moment the eggs are laid to the one in which a mayfly dies. A mayfly can be seen almost anywhere and the insect is very beautiful, due to its unique colors and big wings. The wings of mayflies are very easy to harm, as they are extremely fragile. In fact, you can break them only by touching the insect, with no real intention to hurt it. Anyway, if an adult mayfly is going to live for only a day, an immature mayfly molts over twenty times before the moment in which it reaches maturity. Although the period of life of a mayfly is only of about 24 hours, the most amazing thing about the species is that it manages to do a lot in such a short period of time. They are able to mate, lay eggs and begin the cycle anew during just one day. This is the most important reason why the day of life of a mayfly is considered to be so amazing and interesting.

A mayfly is very much attracted to light colors. There are millions of mayfly species that are known today, including more than 2500 mayfly types. Many of these mayfly species can be found within the United States. Mayflies are very interesting to watch and they are harmless insects. Mayflies can be seen mostly near waters, but they have a specific smell and some amazing colors that will surely make these insects hard to not notice, although they can be described as small insects.

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