Mayfly – Adult Life

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The mayfly is one of the most interesting species in the world. A beautiful insect, the mayfly has amazing characteristics that can easily impress everyone. And one of the most fascinating such facts in linked to the adult life of the mayfly. For starters, you should know that mayflies are aquatic insects which have a long immature stage. In fact, the immature stage will last about one year. And although for a mayfly reaching adulthood can take a long time, this insect will remain in the status of being an adult only for about one day. Many people find this aspect quite sad, but you should know that even though the mayfly only lives for one day as an adult, it manages to make a lot of things. 

Depending on the species, the mayfly adulthood will last between a few minutes and a few days. Nowadays, there are more than 2,500 mayfly species known in the world. Most of them live in North America, where about 630 mayfly species can be seen. During adult life, the primary activity of a mayfly will be reproducing. Due to the really shot life time, the mayfly is also known under the name of the one day fly. Anyway, as most mayflies mature during the spring, the amazing spectacle they will offer in the nature is something worth to watch. Mayflies are really beautiful, being colored and having long wings.

An important aspect about the wings of the mayfly is that they are really fragile. These transparent wings are extremely easy to harm, so if you plan on catching one to see it closely, you have to be really careful. The cycle of life of these insects is not completed if the adults mayflies do not lay eggs. This is how they breed and they have to complete this process to assure the next mayfly generation. Although mayflies commonly live only one day, they are absolutely amazing. Their eggs are released into a water and when the eggs are mature enough the larvae will come out. The larvae will feed in the water to be able to grow and reach adulthood.

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