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Der Songtext zu Whispering Tears (Songtext) | Mein wichtigster Song im Leben

Den Song habe ich in meiner Jugend geschrieben, in den 90 ern: Whispering Tears (englisch) Do not (DONT) say me i will leave you here, Do not say(DONT)  me I have feelings for you, Do not say (DONT)  me ich will left you here, Alone, Alone, Alonenene, You come to take my hand, you'll be my best friend, and we'll (will have) good times together,  for Now, for Ever, and you say you'll be at my side, and anything will gonna be allright, and ich take your words in my ears, WHISPERING TEARS Whispering Tears, Whispering Tears,  Whispering Tears. But one day i will be sitting here without you,  i am coming to live without everything i knew, i wanne find another day to go on(e), but i must believe this feeling ist to strong,  I must believe this feeling ist to strong. Cause you are gone, and left me on the floor, with broken heart and mind, anytime,  broken mind!, broken heart!, really not smart. Really not smart, smart, smart. Deutsch: Flüsternde Tränen  Whispering Tears (englisch

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